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Continuous Integration workflow for your Hyas project

Recently, I set up a Continuous Integration (CI) workflow for Doks. Just thought I’d share my workflow. Use it to test and build your Hyas project — automatically.

CI workflow automation for your Hyas project
CI workflow automation for your Hyas project — Rijkswachter WhiteBOT by Studio Hamerhaai

Operating systems

Job runs on: ubuntu-latest, windows-latest, and macos-latest.


Node.js versions used: 14.x, and 15.x.


  1. Check out Hyas project
  2. Set up Node.js
  3. Install dependencies
  4. Run Hyas test script:
    • check scripts,
    • styles, and
    • markdown for errors.
  5. Run Hyas build script:
    • delete temporary directories, and
    • build production website,
    • including functions.

Workflow file

Further reading

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