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Introducing Hyas: Hugo starter helping you build modern websites

Some website projects require a solid starting point. With a great developer experience and a sound user experience. Sometimes you just don’t want to start from scratch. That’s why I created Hyas 💚

Kickstart your Hugo project with the Hyas starter
Kickstart your Hugo project with Hyas — Photo by Harley-Davidson

Building on the work of others

Making use of the power of Hugo. Following best practices for performance, SEO and security. Optimized for the Netlify platform. And always flexible, so you can easily make it your own.

The Hyas kickstart

  • Security aware
  • Fast by default ⚡️
  • SEO-ready
  • Development tools (linting, cleaning)
  • Bootstrap framework
  • Netlify-ready (functions, redirects, headers)

Great scores

  • Get 100 scores on Google Lighthouse by default. Hyas removes unused css, prefetches links, and lazy loads images.
  • Get A+ scores on Mozilla Observatory out of the box. Easily change the default Security Headers to suit your needs.

Need help?

Extensive documentation is available. Visit the Hyas website.

Try Hyas!

👉 Deploy to Netlify in less than a minute

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