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A handy Google Slides template to get your distributed team started right away. With a layout/structure and elements ready to use. So, your team can focus on the content. And, get it done in three hours!

Brand Guide

The completed Brand Guide will make big decisions easier. Think  naming, identity, marketing, or even company policy . It can also help new employees understand what your company is about. And, can remind the founding team what you stand for. [1]

The template is free to use. Get it now and make a copy to start editing.


  • Follow the process described by Jake Knapp [1].
  • Copy each exercise slide and remove all sticky notes and dots. Start with a clean slate. So, you can work distraction free.
  • The Facilitator edits slide
  • Copy and paste the elements in the template as needed
  • Enlarge sticky notes if needed
  • Mark the Decider’s sticky note or dot green (template color)


  • Completed Brand Guide ready to use and distribute!

Further reading

  1. The Three-Hour Brand Sprint
  2. “Note And Vote”: How Google Ventures Avoids Groupthink In Meetings
  3. How to Run a Remote Design Sprint Without Going Crazy

Image Credits: Roberto Nickson


The Google Slides template is free to use. Make a copy to start editing!

GV Brand Guide Template


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