Hyas - The Smart, Flexible Hugo Starter

Hyas is The Smart, Flexible Hugo Starter, helping you create a site that is performant, accessible, and optimized for search engine results ranking.

Hyas - The Smart, Flexible Hugo Starter

Well structured

Hyas' directory structure is set up following a component based setup. Making it easy to change and extend e.g. environment specific configuration.

Solid codebase

Hyas comes with Bootstrap Sass (no JavaScript) and Autoprefixer. Check Sass and JavaScript for errors, and autofix as many issues as possible.

Flexible setup

Templates, redirects, functions, shortcodes.

Search optimized

Title. Description. Robots.txt, canonicals, twitter_cards, opengraph, and structured data.

Fast, secure website

Fingerprinting and SRI. Security headers. Remove unused CSS. Image shortcode with lazysizes and blur up plugin.

Easy deployment